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Is your business struggling with debt?

Learn how Anderson Parker can help save your business.

Why AndersonParker?

Anderson Parker is a collaborative partnership involving several Insolvency Practitioners, lenders and finance houses. We offer nationwide advice and services to businesses as well as individuals who are facing financial difficulties.

At Anderson Parker we feel it is of the upmost importance that our clients understand the implications of their situation. We strive very hard to explain to our clients in plain English the ramifications of what is happening to them as well as making sure that we ask them what they are trying to achieve. We will always advise in a clear and coherent manner to enable our clients to fully grasp their situation and our recommended solution.

Experience & Insight

Our specialists have years of experience in the Business Services sector. With our combined connections we provide expert advice and business solutions, tailored to your situation.


At Anderson Parker, we are committed to providing best-option advice to our clients. We can provide the professional and impartial advice that you need when facing financial difficulties.


We provide financial advice and services in a number of sectors in a discrete and ethical manner. Our clients can be assured that their personal details will be held confidentiality.

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Asset & Bridging Finance

Many companies will at some point reach a point where they require more financing. For companies with a poor credit history, it can be difficult to be approved by traditional lenders to acquire the required funds. However, there are alternative fundraising options that you can consider.

Anderson Parker can help you to identify all of your options and guide you through the process in order to determine the path that is right for you and your business.

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Members Voluntary Liquidation

If you and the shareholders of your company are considering voluntarily winding-up your solvent company, then you may need to consider a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL). This option allows the shareholders to realise the assets of the company and distribute the proceeds among the company members.

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Bankruptcy is the procedure that allows for all of your debts to be wiped out but as a consequence you will lose any valuable assets such as equity in property, cash reserves, expensive cars and jewellery. The biggest and most stressful disruption is the threat to a debtor’s home if there is any appreciable equity.

Anderson Parker specialise in annulment as well as finding processes to avoid the bankruptcy happening in the first place.

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Pre-Pack Administration

A Pre-Pack Administration allows you to sell the business and assets of an insolvent company while preserving and transferring the business to a new company. This can be agreed with a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner prior to their appointment.

Anderson Parker can advise you if you believe your company has become insolvent. We have years of experience in finding the right solutions for our clients, and we can help you to determine whether a Pre-Pack Administration is right for you.

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Time to Pay Arrangements (TTP)

Usually HMRC will only allow 3-6 months for the repayment of any outstanding debt to themselves. This is quite often unrealistic as it will require you to earn enough profit to pay the debt and the tax on the profit. This usually leaves a negative monthly balance and is not viable. Furthermore, by speaking to you HMRC can assess whether you have any assets or equity in property which could help them form an opinion as to whether to issue a bankruptcy petition against you.

We can negotiate TTP even if Legal Action has started in some cases.

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High Court Representation

If you have received a Bankruptcy petition and wish to avoid being made bankrupt, you will be required to appear, or be represented, at the High Court in London. We can help you arrange representation with specialist Barristers who are qualified to appear on your behalf to secure an adjournment of the petition.

This can give you the opportunity to identify an alternative solution and avoid bankruptcy.

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Business Finance

If your business is facing a difficult time, it might be necessary to consider finance and funding options. At Anderson Parker, we are dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with impartial advice to help you move forwards.

We have connections with a number of leading finance service providers who can assist your business with funding and finance. Ordinarily, obtaining finance can be difficult for businesses who may have previously had applications rejected. We are here to help weigh your options and identify the best next steps.

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Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

If you have more debt than you can realistically afford to service, possibly with multiple creditors, then an Individual Voluntary Arrangement could be the solution. It is a very powerful tool for repairing your cashflow as it tailors the repayments to what you can afford and, as it is a formal arrangement, locks your creditors into the arrangement.

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Did you know that it is possible to restructure your business, retain your assets and goodwill, and continue to trade by using a new company? Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, or Liquidation allows the director(s) of a company to voluntarily wind-up when the company has become insolvent.

After the process has been undertaken by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, your company can often be restructured and carried forward by a new entity. Contact us to find out whether voluntary liquidation could be a viable way to restructure your business and leave behind historic debt.

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HMRC Debts & Arrears

If you have any HMRC or creditor debts or arrears, you need to act now to protect your business and assets. Delayed payments can alert HMRC to outstanding debts which can prompt a Winding-up petition against your business.

You may have already received correspondence from HMRC regarding a Winding-up petition or Statutory Demand. In order to give your business the best chance of recovery, it is important to act as soon as possible. These actions can potentially lead to the liquidation of your company and attract personal liability. However, there are options if you find yourself in this situation.

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Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing is a financial transaction and type of debtor finance in which a business is able to sell its accounts receivable – for example, unpaid invoices – to a third party at a discount. This third party is known as a Factor. This option allows you to use your receivable assets to meet your more immediate financial needs.

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HMRC High Court Bankruptcy Petition

If you have received correspondence from HMRC regarding bankruptcy, or have already received a bankruptcy petition, it is crucial that you act immediately. Bankruptcy can threaten your personal and professional assets including your home and your business.

It can be difficult to financially recover once a bankruptcy petition has been made against you, so it is essential that you act quickly. Anderson Parker can help you to assess all your options and identify the most suitable next steps.

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Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) were introduced by the government in 1986 to offer an alternative to companies facing liquidation. These legally binding agreements allow you to repay your Company creditors over a negotiated time period, whilst continuing to trade.

Anderson Parker can help you to negotiate an affordable monthly repayment plan with your company’s creditors. CVAs are overseen by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner who sets out the parameters of the agreement. This kind of arrangement usually leads to the repayment of debts within 60 months, and often a proportion of the debt is written off, making your company’s recovery even easier.

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Cash Flow Problems

Many companies may experience cash flow problems at some point. This is usually characterised by having more money going out than coming in – for example, your overheads may be too high. However, these problems can often be resolved by restructuring your business and addressing other issues that may be present.

Cash flow problems do not necessarily mean that your business is insolvent, and companies can often recover. Nevertheless, it can lead to legal action by your creditors, so it is vital to act quickly. Our expertise can help to turn your business around.

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Creditor Pressure

If your company is facing mounting debts, it can be easy to bury your head in the sand. Your creditors may be threatening with legal action such as CCJs and Winding-Up Petitions. However, there are a number of options available to help you get back on top of your finances and keep your creditors satisfied.

Our specialists at Anderson Parker can work with you to identify the best route of action to deal with creditor pressure. From payment plan negotiations to delaying bailiffs, we are dedicated to helping our clients stay in business.

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Voluntarily Winding-up

Taking the decision to liquidate your business can be very difficult and represent a very worrying time, both personally and financially. However, it can also be advantageous as you will be able to determine the timing of the winding-up of your company, choose your own nominated Liquidator, and potentially purchase the assets of your business.

Act fast by contacting Anderson Parker today, and take control of your company’s winding-up.

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We have a broad spectrum of partners in the Financial Services Sector so are ideally placed to offer the best solution to your business or company’s financial difficulties. Anderson Parker specialises in HMRC debt and can often find you a successful solution.

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