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Business Finance

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If your business is facing a difficult time, it might be necessary to consider finance or funding options. At Anderson Parker, we are dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with impartial advice to help you move forwards.

Ordinarily, obtaining finance can be difficult for businesses who may have previously had applications rejected. We have connections with a number of leading financial services providers who can assist your business with funding and finance. We are here to help weigh your options and identify the best next steps.

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Applying for Business Finance

Many businesses can face difficulties in securing business finance and loans. This can be even more challenging for start-up companies, as they may not have the track record needed to convince the lender that you are not a risk. Even if your business does have a good past track record and up to date accounts, you could still be met with rejection.

Alternative Finance

There are other options for lending than the high-street lenders and major banks. Alternative finance companies can offer quicker turnaround on applications and may be more willing to accept your application. However, they often have higher interest rates. We have access to a wide range of partners offering bespoke finance packages for small and medium size businesses.

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We have a broad spectrum of partners in the Financial Services sector, making us ideally placed to find the best solution for you or your company’s financial situation. Anderson Parker specialises in HMRC debt and can help you with Time to Pay (TTP) arrangements, debts and arrears, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), and much more.

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