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High Court Representation

Let us help you avoid bankruptcy

If you have received a Bankruptcy petition  from HMRC and wish to avoid being made bankrupt, you will be required to appear, or be represented, at the High Court in London. We can arrange, even at short notice, for a Barrister to represent you and appeal for an adjournment of the petition.

An adjournment will give you the time to identify alternative solutions to avoid bankruptcy.

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Appearing in Court

Appearing in court for any reason can be daunting and highly stressful. Having the support of an experienced Barrister can be invaluable as you can be confident that your case is being represented by a professional. We will organise representation in the High Court and relieve some of the stress of legal proceedings.

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We have a broad spectrum of partners in the Financial Services sector, making us ideally placed to find the best solution for you or your company’s financial situation. Anderson Parker specialises in HMRC debt and can help you with Time to Pay (TTP) arrangements, debts and arrears, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), and much more.

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