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Can’t repay a Bounce Back Loan?

We can reduce the stress and minimise the cost of repaying a Bounce Back Loan.

For many, the Bounce Back Loan scheme has been a lifeline that’s allowed them to stay above water since Coronavirus struck at the beginning of 2020. But with the crisis not yet over, some businesses are now struggling and can’t repay their Bounce Back Loan.

As the director of an insolvent company, if you can’t repay a Bounce Back Loan it might seem like you have little option but to close your company and walk away. But if you’re proactive and seek help as soon as you realise your position, we can give you other options.

We can help you

Speak to one of our licensed insolvency practitioners to discover the right solution for your company if you can’t repay your Bounce Back Loan.

Why do businesses come to us for advice if they can’t repay a Bounce Back Loan?

  • No pressure. We don’t have a sales department or call centre. Just a team of experienced professionals who can give you advice there and then.
  • Immediate liquidation. . If you want to move fast, we can deal with creditors and HMRC for you straight away.
  • Affordable pricing. Our costs are highly competitive and fully transparent. Claim a free 30-minute consultation.
  • No paperwork. We prepare all the paperwork for you and guide you through the entire process.
  • Advice for employees. We’ll help your staff with their claims for payment they’re due.

Request a free call back in 30 minutes